Could these Graphic Revision Guides make English Literature accessible to your dyslexic students?

English literature in itself is not about reading, but rather it is about forming a deeper understanding of a novel and being able to make connections and judgements based on this understanding. But how can one form an understanding of a novel without reading it? The answer lies with Graphic Revision Guides.

Brilliant Publications has produced Graphic Revision Guides for a number of texts studied at GCSE English Literature, including: Jane Eyre, Jekyll and Hyde, Pride and Prejudice and Great Expectations. The Graphic Revision Guides contain comic-style sheets, especially tailored to strengthen the student’s understanding of plot, characters, quotes, themes, and more.

Learning and revising these iconic novels will become an easier and more enjoyable experience, not least because there is less text for your students to muddle through. It should be noted however that the Graphic Revision Guides do still contain some text, so they may not be suitable for students with acute dyslexia – visit the links above to see sample pages and have a look for yourself.

You can order any of the above Graphic Revision Guides for £16.50 as a printed book, £10.99 as an e-book or both for a discounted price of £19.80.

There is a discount of 20% if you wish to order class sets of 20 or more.


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What is one of the best ways to give children the confidence to speak French?

Singing songs is a fun way of helping children to develop an enthusiasm for French. The 20 songs in ‘J’aime Beaucoup Chanter en Français!’ are set to familiar tunes, so you and the children can concentrate on the words without having to learn new tunes. You will all soon be confidently singing in French!

The songs introduce and reinforce vocabulary for many frequently taught topics. Sing about different modes of transport to, appropriately enough, the tune of ‘The Wheels on the Bus’ or explore the contents of a pencil case to the tune of ‘Frère Jacques’.

The songs are ideal for use with children through all stages of their primary education but especially Key Stage 2.

The CD-Rom contains recordings of all the songs, sung by native French speakers, as well as music tracks to enable ‘karaoke’ performances and colour versions of the flashcards from the book.

The accompanying book contains words to all the songs, together with English translations, as well as teaching ideas and attractive photocopiable flashcards to help children understand the content of the songs.

Visit our website for more information and sample material on  J’aime Beaucoup Chanter en Français!

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Have we really forgotten how to debate?


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How do I get 20% discount on an order?

Simple, let us have comments and feedback on our resources!

We recently promoted our 12 Petites Pièces à Jouer resource.


One of our customers responded …

‘We already use this book at school and it is brilliant! I would recommend it to any Primary school who offers French!’ (Foreign Language Teacher at an Independent School in London which has been awarded ‘School of the Week’ by School House Magazine.)

In return we sent a 20% discount code for use on our website as a thank you.

How easy is that?

Send your comments to:

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Get your pupils writing French phrases!

The KS2 Programme of Study for foreign languages provides a skeleton outline of what needs to be taught at KS2. This is great if you are a language specialist Continue reading

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Free Grammar and Punctuation activities addressing the requirements of the English Programmes of Study for KS1 and KS2

A pupil who is well-spoken is not necessarily a pupil who can write well, not least because he/she might speak with perfect punctuation and grammar but have difficulty applying the same rules to his/her writing. Continue reading

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Another FREE worksheet set from Brilliant Publications

1) Who won the race?

2) What order did the team come in?

3) Show how you worked it out.

4) Make your own ‘Who Won?’ problem. Continue reading

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