September’s ‘Brilliant Quiz’

Each month we publish a quick quiz aimed at children. Here’s the quiz for September:

Dinosaur Quiz

Can you answer these questions about Dinosaurs? As friends or parents, or use the internet to help you.

1. How many years ago did dinosaurs die out?

a.) 6 million   b.) 600 million   c.) 65 million

2. The Stegosaurus was a herbivore. What does this mean?

a.) It was a meateater   b.) It only ate plants

3. A Stegosaurus’ brain was only 1 inch long. True or False?

4. How many years were dinosaurs living on the earth for?

a.) 50 million   b.) 100 million   c.) over 160 million

5. Dinosaurs hatched from eggs. True or False?

6. What did the Tyrannosaurus Rex eat?

a.) Plants   b.) A mixture of plants and meat   c.) Meat

7. The blue whale is bigger than any of the dinosaurs ever were. True or False?

8. What group of animals did dinosaurs belong to?

a.) Mammals   b.) Reptiles c.) Amphibians

9. Which dinosaur had bony triangular plates over its back?

10. Dinosaurs died out before human beings were on Earth. We can only learn about them from the bones and footprints they left behind. What do we call the remains they left?

Answers to the quiz will be posted at the end of the month.

A free, downloadable version of this quiz is available in the ‘Free Resources‘ section of our blog.

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