Brilliant Publications to Celebrate Big Draw Month with!

October is Big Draw Month with the Campaign for Drawing, whose promise to continue their campaign until the phrase “I can’t draw” is no longer in the English language.

If you visit their website you will find news of upcoming events this month aimed at getting young children drawing.

Here, we share the same ambition, and would like to share with you two excellent book series for primary school art. The first is ‘Drawing is a Class Act‘ by Meg Fabian, which won the Global Learning Initiative Award for Best Curriculum Material at the Bologna Children’s Book Fair. This three book series covers the entire primary school age range: Years 1-2, Years 3-4, and Years 5-6. Sample pages can be seen at the links above.

The aim of the books is to provide a structured approach to the development of drawing skills, and can be used at ease by everyone from experienced art teachers to parents. The skills to be learned are laid-out well in a progressive manner, and provides examples of pupils’ artwork for each skill. These books cover a wide range of skills from use of chalk and charcoal to drawing figures and faces; textures and tones to patterns and different types of pencil.

The second series I want to talk about today is Fabian’s follow up: ‘Painting is a Class Act‘. This series follows the same structure as the Drawing books, but with reference to painting. So we still see the skills laid out clearly and progressively, and examples of pupils’ artwork provides an illustration of what the session sets out to achieve.

The skills and knowledge covered by these books range from the history of art to action painting; colour tones to stencilling; and painting in 3-D to batik effect.

As before, this three book series covers the primary school age range: Years 1-2, Years 3-4, and Years 5-6. Sample pages can be viewed at the links.

Drawing is Class Act‘ and ‘Painting is a Class Act‘ are written by Meg Fabian and are published by and available from Brilliant Publications.

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