Review: Painting is a Class Act

What a bright, colourful enticing book to help the jaded class teacher who is embarking upon yet another mad painting session!  It is designed to put the skills back into the teaching of art, by using paint as a challenging medium. This book has inspired me to dig out the paints and give the children some quality art teaching.

From the basic (but complex) skills of organising the classroom to the detailed one-step-at-a-time instructions, the ideas are clearly explained by an experienced Key Stage 1 (KS1) teacher.  The activities are linked to the National Curriculum and focus on the practical skills as well as extending the creativity of the children.

The genuine examples of artwork, painted by Year 1 and 2 children, make this book very special – even the most reluctant ‘painting teacher’ will feel that the ideas are realistic and achievable.  The proof is there to see!

This book is highly recommended by the school’s enthusiastic and talented Art Co-ordinator.

Janet Rhodes, Senior Teacher, Year 2


Painting is a Class Act is a three-book series from Brilliant Publications covering the entire primary school painting curriculum.

Painting is a Class Act: Years 1-2

Painting is a Class Act: Years 3-4

Painting is a Class Act: Years 5-6

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