October’s ‘Brilliant Quiz’: Answers

Every month we publish a quiz. It’s only fair we tell you the answers at the end of the month! If you haven’t answered October’s Animal Quiz yet, you can find it here.

If you want to know the answers, click “Read the rest of this entry”.

1. b.) Sharks

2. c.) Black skin

3. a.) Blue Whale

4. a.) Giraffe

5. b.) Frill Sharks are pregnant for up to 3 years, Elephants 22 months, and Blue Whales 1 year.

6. a.) Mammal

7 c.) China

8. a.) Tiger

9.) Asian and African

10. b.) Asia

Who got them all right?

A new quiz will be posted in November.

A free, downloadable version of this quiz is available in the ‘Free Resources‘ section of our blog.

Quiz from brilliantpublications.co.uk


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