November’s ‘Brilliant Quiz’: Weather

Each month we publish a quick quiz aimed at children. Here’s the quiz for November:

Weather Quiz

How much do you know about the weather? Answer as many as you can and ask friends or parents or use the internet to find the answers.

1.Which two months have the highest temperatures, in the UK?

2. Which is the warmest area of the UK?

a) North b.) Midlands c.) South

3. Which place gets the most rain in the Uk?

a.) Lake District b.) Cardiff c.) London

4. Which country has the most tornadoes in the world?

a.) USA b.) Australia c.) Japan

5. Which country gets the most rainfall in the world?

a.) India b.) South America c.) Japan

6. Which county is the hottest?

a.) Libya b.) Mexico c.) Australia

7. Which place gets the least sunlight in the world?

a.) North Pole b.) Switzerland c.) South Pole

8. A thermometer measures.


9. A barometer measures


10. Lightning never strikes the same place twice. True or False?

Answers to the quiz will be posted at the end of the month.

A free, downloadable version of this quiz is available in the ‘Free Resources‘ section of our website.

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