Poems for Teachers #5: It’s the Detail that Counts!

This weeks entry is less of a poem, and more of a helpful guide for inspiring creativity amongst your pupils. This section is taken from How to be Brilliant at Writing Poetry by Irene Yates.

It’s the Detail that Counts!

In poems, the smallest details count. Poems with lots of detail are called descriptive poems. Instead of writing:

it was raining

think about ways to describe what the rain was doing.

rain bounced off the pavement

it dripped down the boy’s back
it soaked through his anorak
it squelched in his trainers

Before you know it, you’ve already got a poem:

The rain bounced off the pavement,
Dripped down David‘s back,
Soaked through his anorak,
Squelched in his trainers
And his wet jeans clung to his knees.

Write your own five line poems full of details. Try it for:

  • There were daisies on the grass
  • The football match was nearly up
  • The sun shone for our trip

Extra! Think up your own ideas for five line descriptive poems.


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