Word of the Day #14: Nature



Word of the Day is designed to help children learn how to use a dictionary, whilst simultaneously expanding their vocabulary. Today’s Word of the Day begins with the letter ‘N’. The word is: Nature.nature n.

  1. Thing’s essential qualities, person’s innate character; general characteristics and feeling of mankind; specified element of human character; person of specified character; kind, sort, class; by ~, innately.
  2. Inherent impulses determining character or action; vital force, functions, or needs; resin or sap in wood; against ~, unnatural, immoral.
  3. Creative and regulative physical power conceived of as immediate cause of phenomena of material world; these phenomena as a whole; these personified; naturalness in art etc.; in the course of ~, in the ordinary course; in ~, in real fact; state of ~, unregenerate condition (opp. state of grace); condition of man before society is organized; uncultivated or undomesticated state of plants or animals; bodily nakedness.

Have you a suggestion for Word of the Day? If so, feel free to share it in the comments.


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