Word of the Day #21: Unit

Word of the Day is designed to help children learn how to use a dictionary, whilst simultaneously expanding their vocabulary. Today’s Word of the Day begins with the letter ‘U’. The word is: Unit.unit n.

  1. Single magnitude or number regarded as undivided whole, esp. the numeral ‘one’; any determinate quantity, magnitude, etc., as basis or standard of measurement for other quantities of same kind.
  2. One of the individuals or groups into which a complex whole may be analysed; that part of collective body or whole regarded as lowest or least to have separate existence; fractional interest in unit trust.
  3. Device with specified function forming element in complex mechanism etc.; piece of furniture for fitting with others like it or formed of complementary elements.
  4. ~ magnetic pole, unit of magnetic pole strength equal to strength of pole that exerts a force of 1 dyne on an equal pole 1cm distant; ~ trust, system of investment in which money subscribed by individual investors is pooled and invested by a management company, each subscriber acquiring a fractional interest in the aggregate of securities thus purchased and receiving a corresponding share of the total dividend. ~ adj. Of, being, forming, a unit, individual.

Why not make a list of as many units of measurement as possible? Learn about metric and imperial measurements.


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