Word of the Day #23: Waste




Word of the Day is designed to help children learn how to use a dictionary, whilst simultaneously expanding their vocabulary. Today’s Word of the Day begins with the letter ‘W’. The word is: Waste.waste1 n.


  1. Desert, waste region; dreary scene or expanse.
  2. Consumption, loss or diminution by use, wear and tear, etc.; wasting, useless or extravagant expenditure or consumption, squandering (of); run to ~, (of liquid) flow away so as to be wasted; (fig.) be expended uselessly.
  3. Waste matter; useless remains (esp. of manufacturing process), scraps, shreds; esp. scraps, remnants, from manufacture of cotton, woollen, etc., yarn or textiles, used for cleaning machinery, absorbing oil, etc.; ~-pipe,pipe for carrying off used or superfluous water or steam.

~ adj.

  1. (of land, region, etc.) Desert, uninhabited, desolate, barren; uncultivated; (fig.) monotonous, without features of interest; not built upon; lay ~, destroy, devastate, ruin; ~land, land not utilised for cultivation or building.
  2. Superfluous, refuse, left over; no longer serving a purpose; ~paper, paper thrown away as spoiled, superfluous, useless, etc.; ~-paper basket, basket for this; ~ product, useless by-product of manufacture or physiological process.

waste2 v.

  1. Lay waste; (law) bring (estate) into bad condition by damage or neglect.
  2. Expend to no purpose or for inadequate result, use extravagantly, squander; run to waste.
  3. Wear gradually away, be used up, lose substance or volume by gradual loss, decay, etc.; wither; reduce one’s weight by training etc.

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