Guten Morgen – German phrase a day

To celebrate the publication of Singt mit uns!, our new German songbook we are going to be posting a ‘German phrase of the day’ every day this week.

Guten Morgen – Good morning

If you want to give pupils a taster for a language, greeting people is a great way to start.

It’s easy to build a bit of German into the day. When you take the register, you could greet each child with “Guten Morgen Alice”, “Guten Morgen Jack”, etc. Get them to respond to you, “Guten Morgen Frau (Mrs or Miss) Smith” or “Guten Morgen Herr (Mr) Jones”.

Note: since the 1970s it has become common for “Frau” to be used for both married and unmarried women.

What if your class is in the afternoon? Then you should say “Guten Tag” – Good day!

To find out more about Singt mit uns!, follow this link:

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