Wo ist Maximillian? – German phrase of the day

Wo ist Maximillian? Er ist in Museum. – Where is Maximillian? He is in the museum.

“Wo ist Maximillian?” is the title of one of my favourite tracks on Singt mit uns!. The tune is based on “the conga” and is a great one for getting the pupils moving and learning through movement. You can create stations around the classroom to represent the different places. Get the pupils to do the conga to the different locations, singing as they go. The song uses “auf der Post” (at the Post Office) and “im Schwimmbad” (at the swimming pool), but you can use your own places, e.g. “im Klassenzimmer” (in the classroom), “im Spielplatz” (in the playground), “zu Hause” (at home).

We are posting a ‘German phrase of the day’ every day this week to celebrate the publication of Singt mit uns!, our new German songbook. To find out more about Singt mit uns!, follow this link:




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