Word of the day #40: nymph

Word of the Day is designed to help children learn how to use a dictionary, whilst simultaneously expanding their vocabulary. Today’s Word of the Day begins with the letter ‘N’. The word is: nymph.


n 1 in Greek mythology a nymph is a minor female god; they are usually depicted as beautiful young women, inhabiting and sometimes personifying features of nature, such as trees, waters and mountains. 2 a beautiful young woman. 3 an immature form of a dragonfly. It can often take four years for a dragonfly nymph to grow and develop into a dragonfly.

To print out a sheet showing the life cycle of a dragonfly, click here.

Nymph comes from the Greek word meaning ‘bride’.

The skin of a Dragonfly nymph. The Dragonfly emerged from the hole just behind the head.


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