Word of the day #47: ultramarine

Word of the Day is designed to help children learn how to use a dictionary, whilst simultaneously expanding their vocabulary. Today’s Word of the Day begins with the letter ‘U’. The word is: ultramarine.


n. a brilliant deep blue pigment originally obtained from lapis lazuli, and now made from powdered fired clay, sodium carbonate, sulphur and resin.
v (archaic) situated beyond the sea.

As ultramarine was originally made from a semi-precious stone, lapis lazuli, it was incredibly expensive and only rich patrons could afford to buy it for their painters. However, the colour is so good that painting painted 500 years ago are as bright today as they were when they were painted. Ultramarine literally means ‘beyond sea’  (which is where lapis lazuli was imported from).

To find out more about the colours found in a watercolour paintbox, see Painting is a Class Act, published by Brilliant Publications.


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