Activity of the Day #2

Our Word of the Day posts have now cycled the alphabet twice so we thought it was time to find other ideas to engage your children. We have decided to suggest an Activity of the Day, drawn from our huge bank of resources.

This activity is called How can you make your shadow bigger?

This activity is linked to Physical Processes in science (Ages 9–11)

You will need: overhead projector; white chalk; A3 black sugar paper; white art paper; chair; wall; Blu-tack®.

✦ Challenge the children to fill an A3 black piece of sugar paper with the silhouette of the side view of their face.

✦ Stick the black sugar paper to the wall with Blu-tack®.

✦ Each child in the group should take it in turns using the overhead projector and allocate a member in their group to move and operate the projector, draw around a silhouette, sit in the ‘hot seat’ to have their shadow enlarged and cut out a silhouette.

✦ Repeat until everyone in the group has had a turn at all tasks.

✦ The silhouettes can then be stuck on a larger sheet of white art paper for display within the classroom.

✦ Remind each group that they should not tell the next group how they did it, so that all groups can investigate the phenomenon for themselves.

Talk about/discuss:

✦ Ask the children to list the factors they found which aff ected the size and position of their shadows.

✦ How did changing one factor cause their shadow to change?


Caution the children that parts of a projector, especially the bulb, can become very hot, and to take particular care not to touch these parts. If necessary, have an adult adjust the projector at the children’s direction.

This activity is taken from our publication 100+ Fun Ideas for Science Investigations a book containing exciting, fun classroom experiments to help teach scientific investigation. The activities require a minimum of preparation and only the simplest of science equipment. Each activity provides opportunities for children to develop their skills of scientific enquiry. The easy-to-use layout closely matches the statutory and non-statutory guidelines and schemes of work for Key Stages 1 and 2, and will make this an invaluable book for all primary teachers.

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