Activity of the Day #3

Our Word of the Day posts have now cycled the alphabet twice so we thought it was time to find other ideas to engage your children. We have decided to suggest an Activity of the Day, drawn from our huge bank of resources.

This activity is called Historical portraits.

You will need: pictures of historical figures; A3 paper; paints; thin brushes; sketching pencils.

✦ This is a lovely link to history. Look at various portraits from the period in question. You could use a Tudor, a Victorian or an ancient Egyptian.

✦ Discuss the idea of a portrait. Look at the features shown; eyes are actually in the middle of the head rather than at the top. Discuss the clothing, head attire or jewellery. Is the person rich or poor? Are they cheerful, sad or serious?

✦ Ask the children to sketch a rough portrait of a person from the historical period chosen. They are only to draw a face, neck and the tops of the shoulders, using as much of the paper’s length as they can. Do not draw the whole body.

✦ This could be someone famous, such as a king, queen or politician, or a fictional character, perhaps a poor beggar or rich Victorian lady. They need to use the paper to fit the subject, with the longer lengths at the side. You could also choose to use large ovals as a variation to a rectangle.

✦ Use thin brushes to paint the portrait. Remember to take a lot of time on these, especially if your figure has an elaborate period costume. Back onto black sugar paper and display.

Historical portraits

This activity is taken from our publication 100+ Fun Ideas for Art Activities, a wonderful collection of tried and tested art activities that are easy to prepare, but children will love. The activities introduce a wide range of art skills and media and are fully compatible with the National Curriculum. They are suitable for use in the classroom, at home or in children’s clubs. Activities range from designing a banknote and painting glass jars to printing on fabric and creating 3D robots. Although aimed primarily at 7-11 year olds, most activities in this very practical book can be adapted for younger children.


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