Activity of the Day #5

Our Word of the Day posts have now cycled the alphabet twice so we thought it was time to find other ideas to engage your children. We have decided to suggest an Activity of the Day, drawn from our huge bank of resources.

This activity is called Silence.

55. Silence

✦ This is a fun game, especially for the teacher, because the object is that no one must speak.

✦ There is very little preparatory work other than numbering pieces of card according to the number of children in the classroom, eg 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.

✦ Each of those cards are then laminated and placed on the floor. The children are then given three minutes to each pick up a number and stand in that sequence according to the ones they have chosen but the secret is to do this without talking.

✦ Other ideas which could be used include standing in order of height, letters of the alphabet, the children could write their own house/telephone numbers on laminated cards and arrange them in numerical order, older children could re-arrange clock faces in order of the times shown or arrange historical events in chronological order.

This activity is taken from 100+ Fun Ideas for Wet Playtimes. The book provides useful ways to keep primary pupils occupied during wet playtimes. Activities have an educational element and range from pen and paper games and word games to talking games and even group games. They can be easily adapted to suit all primary children.


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