Activity of the Day #6

Our Word of the Day posts have now cycled the alphabet twice so we thought it was time to find other ideas to engage your children. We have decided to suggest an Activity of the Day, drawn from our huge bank of resources.

This activity is called Duster Slippers for Cats!

The task for the children is to write and illustrate an advert that will persuade people to buy ‘Duster Slippers’ for their cats. The children will need to exaggerate any positive features they can think of for this invention.

Encourage the children to use the persuasive strategies listed. Using them will make their advert more effective.

For example, use questions such as:

  • Is dust a problem in your house?
  • Could you do with more help with the housework?
  • Is it about time that your pet started to pull its weight?

Or use instructions or promise and exaggerations such as:

  • You need Duster Slippers for Cats!
  • Try Duster Slippers for Cats today! (instruction)
  • This amazing new product will put an end to all your dusting worries!
  • See what a difference they make – satisfaction guaranteed (Promise)

You could give customers a warning/important advice, with:

  • Don’t miss out on the opportunity of a lifetime (advice/warning)

And finally, use expert opinion to endorse the product:

  • ‘I bought Duster Slippers for Cats for our cats Tiddles and Diddles, and Victoria hasn’t lifted a duster since.’ (David Beckham – International footballer).

This activity is taken from our publication Creative Homework Tasks for 7–9 Year olds. The teacher’s notes and pupil worksheet are available to download as a sample page from the book page on our website.

This book is for you if you are having problems retrieving the homework you set for the weekend. Has it been eaten by the dog or left on the bus again? All that is about to change. These activities will spark enthusiasm and lead to unprecedented behaviour – children asking YOU for homework.

The activities are designed to appeal to all learning styles, with particular emphasis on kinaesthetic and visual learners. Even the most recalcitrant children will be keen to rise to the challenge of these homework tasks.


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