Creative Activity of the Day #7 – at the bus stop

Our Word of the Day posts have now cycled the alphabet twice so we thought it was time to find other ideas to engage your children. We have decided to suggest an Activity of the Day, drawn from our huge bank of resources.

This activity is called ‘At the bus stop’.

All in a line

37. At the bus stop (KS1, KS2)

✦ Waiting in line is time-wasting but sometimes unavoidable. Avoid tedium with an on-the-spot exercise.

✦ On Monday, decide on and demonstrate a keep-fit exercise of the week: for example, 15 shoulder shrugs or trunk twists.

✦ Display a stick person diagram to remind the children of the exercise.

✦ Encourage the children to do the exercise when they join the line and wait for others.

✦ Do they feel more supple by the end of the week?

This activity is taken from 100+ Fun Ideas for Transition Times. The book is crammed with stimulating ideas for the awkward transition times of the day, such as lining up and answering the register.

The activities have been carefully chosen to ensure pupils work as a team, and develop their self-esteem, physical and mental health, but most importantly ensure they have fun.

The ideas can be used to refresh repetitive routines too. If they go smoothly, then the rest of the day will too.

At the bus stop


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