Creative Activity of the Day #13 – Hand exercises

Today’s Creative Activity raises self-esteem.

This activity is designed to develop confidence and self-awareness by using exercise techniques. It also increases dexterity, coordination and calm, making everyone feel lighter and more energetic. It is well worth spending 10 – 20 minutes daily enhancing the children’s self-esteem using such activities.

You can download the Hand exercises activity here.

This activity is drawn from Into the Garden of Dreams, a book of photocopiable self-esteem activities, games, visualizations and creative ideas that can be used both in the classroom and for in-school teacher training. The book can be used to teach basic rules and skills for behaving well towards others. Help children to recognize their own worth and become increasingly responsible for their own learning and actions. All the activities have been used very successfully in the author’s school and others. The comprehensive teacher handbook explains the value of self-esteem in the classroom.


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