Creative Activity of the Day #15 – a persuasive rap

The aim of this task is to produce a rap song using language persuasively. Pupils will need to decide who they want to persuade about what topic and what is the best language for doing that. For example;

Dear PM

I am rapping to you on this sunny day

As there are several things I need to say

There are many things to change you see

To make this planet a great place to be

First, you must stop air pollution

All these fumes, you gotta find a solution!

The railways are a mess with lots of delays

And the traffic’s too fast on the motorways

You need to stop drugs and theft and other crime

I know you are busy but find the time!

With wars going on you’ve GOTTA find peace

Talk to the other leaders, at least

What is happening to the farmers’ land?

With growing demands, you gotta take a firm hand

Us citizen folk want a clean place to live

Safe and sound, that’s not much to give

Stop people being bad and treat races the same

All this fighting is such a great shame!

For sure, you have a lot to do

As the PM, I couldn’t be you

Please hear this rap to improve our state

Give peace a chance at any rate

I speak as one from a great population

Come on, sort out this nation!

You can download the Persuasive rap activity here.

This activity is drawn from Brilliant Activities for Persuasive Writing, which provides Key Stage 2 teachers with activities to help pupils focus on persuasive language. Activities range from writing advertisements and job descriptions to looking at two-sided written arguments and debates.

The book is divided into four sections, one for each year of Key Stage 2. Lesson plans are accompanied by photocopiable texts and worksheets. Most of the activities allow for differentiation by outcome and so may be used with the whole class. Extension activities are given to challenge the more able and follow-on activities enable teachers to extend the work further. All the activities are compatible with the National Literacy Strategy.


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