Free Creative Teaching Resource #20

This activity acknowledges a Mum’s resourcefulness.

Enjoy reading this poem, it won’t take long and it is great for sharing!

Mum‛s Infallible Method for Solving Arguments about Who Gets the Biggest Slice of Cream Cake

by Judith Nicholls

I‛ll make sure

no-one loses;

you cut,

she chooses!

This poem is different in that its title is somewhat longer than the poem itself. Which bit do children think is really the poem? Or are they both the poem? Would the poem work without the title? The abruptness of the verse is what makes it funny. Can the children write a humorous verse of their own?

You can download a printable version of the poem here.

Did you know that April is National Poetry Month in America?

This poem is taken from Fun with Poems, a Collection of Poems for 7–11 Year Olds. Teacher’s notes enable you to make the most of the poems and the wide range included in the collection gives complete coverage of all types of poetry required by the National Literacy Strategy.


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