Free creative teaching resource – a SEAL assembly story

This assembly story is about free choice and friendship. It is linked to the SEAL (Social and Emotional Aspects of Learning) theme of Problem Solving.


Theme: Tizzy and Kezia are the very best of friends, until the fateful day when they are allowed to choose for themselves what they would like to do. In the end, the girls discover that they can be different and still be friends.

Setting: First school

SEAL reference: Problem Solving

Tizzy and Kezia were best of friends, just like their mummies. They were full of life and always laughing – happy as could be. They didn’t really need any anyone else, because they always had each other.

Although they were only five years old, they had already been on holiday together, joined dance classes together, had birthday parties together, you name it, they had probably done it – together.

When they started school everyone was worried they might be in different classes, but no, they were even put in the same class – together!

Find out how their friendship is tested when they are given a free choice of activities by reading the complete story here.

This assembly story is drawn from More Brilliant Stories for Assemblies, a book containing over 50 stories for use in primary schools.

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