Free creative teaching resource – 2 brainteasers and a prize draw

Try these brainteasers as a quick warm-up to spark interest and excite the brain! Let us know your answers and you could win a free book.

You will also have the confidence of knowing that you are doing something extra in your classroom that really helps all of your children THINK!

BRAINTEASER 1 – Quilting memories

Two mothers and two daughters were quilting in the living room. They all quilted busily all day, and discussed memories they had all shared with each other. Each one completed a quilt. However, at the end of the day, there were only three completed quilts!

How is this possible?

BRAINTEASER 2 – A dog’s life

Mrs Gardner decides to take her dog for a walk around 3:00 in the afternoon. She must go before dark, because the dog is very peculiar. He stops at every puddle and Mrs Gardner has to fill a jug with water for the dog to drink. He drinks exactly four litres of water without stopping! More than four litres makes the dog lie down and take a ten minute nap in the middle of the field. With less than four litres, he digs a deep hole in the field that Mrs Gardner has to fill back up again before she can move along! She sometimes wonders why she ever bothered to get a dog to keep her company! Mrs Gardner’s main problem is that she only has two jugs, and neither of them holds exactly 4 litres! One of her jugs holds 5 litres and the other holds 3 litres! How does she manage to make sure that the silly dog gets exactly 4 litres every time?

Download these brainteasers for your pupils here.

These brainteasers are drawn from Brilliant Activities for Gifted and Talented Children That Other Children Will Love Too. It is designed to give you ideas for activities that you can use in your classroom. The activities can be modified to suit ages from 6 and up. The work that the children produce will be extremely different because the activities allow room for creativity and open-ended answers. The activities are based on Bloom’s Taxonomy and the Cognitive/Affective Domains of Creative Thinking.

You’d like the answers? They won’t be posted until next term (6th May 2011) but until then we would love to hear what answers you and your children come up with.

Interested in the Prize Draw? We will be sending a FREE copy of the book to one lucky respondent so remember to let us have your answers and some way of contacting you. Our contact information is on our website or you can email


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