Free creative teaching resource – teamwork and cooperation

Try this physical activity with your children. They have to work out how to share the ‘magical crystal ball’ so they can all get to safety.

Crystal balls

You are in the magical land of Gazaban. Your mission is to take a magical crystal ball across the shimmery silver fields to Wizard Zalbo. As usual though, wicked Witch Zed has tried to stop you! She has cast a spell which means that you cannot move. However, if you are in possession of the magical crystal ball, its powers will allow the person holding it to move! All of the group needs to be careful crossing the field. Should the crystal be dropped, its powers will be lost forever.

Focus: Problem-solving, cooperation

Number in group: 3–5

Equipment: Tennis balls

Aim: To transport the whole group across the playing area with only the person holding the ball being allowed to move.


Sort the children into groups and give them some time to plan how they will cross the shimmering silver fields (playing area).

The groups must attempt to cross the fields. As soon as they set foot on the fields their feet should remain frozen until they are in the possession of the crystal. If the crystal is dropped, the team should return to the start.

Hint: The children could form a line. The crystal can then be passed from the front to the back of the line. Then, the back person will need to run to the front with the crystal and the process can be repeated.

Extension: This activity can be repeated in the format of a race with obstacles introduced such as hurdles (fences) or benches (high bridges).

This activity is drawn from our 43 Team-building Activities for KS1 book that contains lesson plans to improve social and physical skills.These stimulate children’s imaginations through a series of exciting problems and scenarios.They develop pupils’ PSHE skills — helping them to work with a partner or in a small group. They also help to develop essential movement skills: agility, balance and co-ordination.

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