Free creative teaching resource – Are you listening?

Some of the most important skills children can learn are those that relate to effective communication. Individuals who listen accurately, speak effectively, and write well have greater control over themselves and greater influence in dealing with others.

Bring in the clowns

This activity emphasizes listening skills, comprehension, and following directions. Provide crayons and paper. Ask the children to listen very carefully to the directions you give, and to do just what you tell them to do. (You may repeat each direction.)

1. Draw a large oval in the centre of your paper.

2. Draw three small circles in a row down the middle of the big oval.

3. Draw a circle above the oval and make it touch the oval.

4. Draw a triangle above the circle and make one flat side touch the circle.

5. Draw a tiny circle above the triangle and make it touch the triangle.

6. Draw a long oval shape touching the left side of the big oval near the top.

7. Draw a hand on the end of this long oval shape.

8. Draw a long oval shape touching the right side of the big oval near the top.

9. Draw a hand on the end of this long oval shape.

10. Draw two long oval shapes under the big oval and make them touch the big oval.

11. Draw big shoes on the ends of these two long oval shapes.

What have you drawn? Draw a face on your clown, and colour him bright colours.

Do the clowns look like this?

This activity is drawn from Smiling Inside, Smiling Outside – an ideal resource for teachers, counsellors, and parents of children in their early years. It will help children to develop positive perceptions of themselves and their place in the world.


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