Free creative teaching resource – Shakespeare anyone?

Understanding the language of Shakespeare can be quite a challenge and yet children don’t have a problem with the language of texting! Let us help you unravel the mystery of Elizabethan conversation.

We currently have books containing photocopiable worksheets for three plays, Romeo and Juliet, Twelfth Night and Macbeth. They are designed to give pupils a deeper understanding of the play through a variety of activities which will stimulate, amuse and challenge.

Each book opens with a simple summary of the play’s plot, followed by a collection of photocopiable practical activities and fun worksheets.

The activities include:

  • who’s who?
  • crossword puzzles with clues from the play
  • tests of knowledge of the play
  • missing word exercises
  • sequencing activities
  • writing modern newspaper accounts of the story
  • identifying the imagery used by Shakespeare
  • who said that?
  • learning Shakespeare’s words

If you are studying Romeo and Juliet, why not start with this activity?

In 13 Steps to Disaster entering answers about Romeo and Juliet into the grid in the right order leads to disaster (well, Shakespeare’s word for disaster).

If you are studying the other plays you can also download an activity for Macbeth and an activity for Twelfth Night.


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  1. Don’t forget the tour of the globe theatre on their website. Also a useful resource.

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