Free creative teaching resource – Fair testing of products

Since having my children I have always said I wish I had shares in a paper towel company. I couldn’t believe how much I used mopping up spills, wiping faces …

The question was always, whether to buy cheap or expensive paper towels. I’m sure you and your children are well aware of some of the claims made in paper towel advertising. Why not conduct a fair test and decide for yourselves which is best?

The activity you can download here shows a possible way of testing the towels absorbency. The equipment needed is very simple. But why stop there, why not also test the claims of kitchen cloths or car cleaning cloths?

This activity is drawn from How to be Brilliant at Materials, a book containing 42 photocopiable worksheets with practical activities to help children acquire knowledge and understanding of the way materials are classified, how they can be changed, and ways of separating them.

Topics include:

  • testing for hardness, density, porosity, magnetism, conductivity of heat and electricty, and flexibility
  • materials used in houses
  • comparing soils
  • solids, liquids and gases
  • mixtures
  • changing materials
  • dissolving, filtering and evaporation
  • the water cycle
  • energy efficiency

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