Brainteaser answers

We hope you have enjoyed trying to solve our brainteasers. If you and your pupils have been eagerly awaiting the answers, here they are …

Quilting memories. They are a grandmother, mother and a daughter.

A dog’s life. Fill the jug with 5 litres. From it, fill the jug that holds 3 litres. This leaves 2 litres in the jug that holds 5 litres. Pour out the 3 litres. Pour the 2 litres from the 5 litres into the 3 litres. Fill the jug with 5 litres again. From it, pour into the 3 litres until it is full. 4 litres will be left in the jug that holds 5 litres!

We have already contacted the lucky winner of the free copy of Brilliant Activities for Gifted and Talented Children, so if it wasn’t you, thank you for playing anyway and there is always next time!


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