Free creative teaching resource – Unforgettable French

Are your pupils having trouble making French vocabulary and grammar ‘stick’. Try introducing these verbs and memory tricks to them and see their confidence increase.

I will list a few ‘er’ verbs but you can download a sheet of 10 useful ‘er’ verbs with memory tricks and visual stimuli for your pupils to look at and use.

accompagner (to take someone somewhere) – when someone takes you somewhere they offer you their company.

attraper (to catch) – when you want to catch an animal you trap it.

These memory tricks are taken from Unforgettable French, which uses memory tricks to teach and reinforce major points of French grammar from the basics up to GCSE level, to learners of all ages. It may be used:

  • By anyone who wishes to gain confidence in speaking French
  • As a revision aid, to consolidate the learner’s grasp of grammatical points
  • To complement whatever French scheme you are using
  • By French teachers at all levels, from primary through to adult.

Unforgettable French is full of tried-and-tested memory tricks based on sound and idea associations to help you to engage your memory and remember key grammatical points. Using memory tricks to explain the “tricky” bits facilitates the learning process and what seemed difficult before is suddenly much easier to remember.


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