Free creative teaching resource – Healthy Food Quiz

Every month on our website we publish a quiz and answers. I have copied the questions into this post. This month’s quiz theme is Healthy Food.

1. Which fruits contain the most sugar?

a.) Strawberries b.) Apples c.) Lemons

 2. Which food group does beef belong to?

a.) Meat, Poultry, Fish.

b.) Milk, Yoghurt, Cheese.

c.) Bread, Cereal, Rice, and Pasta.

 3. Which of these contains calcium?

a.) Pasta b.) Milk c.) Carrots

 4. What type of food is a tomato?

a.) Fruit b.) Vegetable c.) Dairy

 5. How many portions of fruit and vegetables should you eat each day?

a.) 10 b.) 5 c.) 2

 6. How many glasses of water should you drink each day?

a.) 2-5 b.) 5-8 c.) 8-10

7. Which is the odd one out?

a.) Carrot b.) Onion c.) Cucumber

 8. Which of these contains lots of vitamin C?

a.) Bread b.) Oranges       c.) Bananas

 9. What fruit do athletes often eat for energy?

a.) Bananas c.) Pears c.) Apples

 10. Try to write an A-Z of fruit and vegetables.

A is for apples, B is for broccoli, C is for…..

The answers will be posted on the 27th May which should be just before half term for most people, but if you can’t wait that long you can look at the answers. 

You can also download a copy of the quiz to use with your pupils.


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