Free PSHE teaching resource – Bread Pizza

Cooking ‘should be compulsory’ in the classroom according to the Food for Life Partnership.

Learning to cook should be part of the national curriculum for all pupils aged five to 16, the Food for Life Partnership has advised the government. There is more information in this article.

Director of the Food for Life Partnership, Libby Grundy has advised that practical cooking lessons should be introduced at the earliest stage… “By starting cookery in Year 1, pupils will establish sound eating habits from an early age,” Grundy commented.

You can get a head start! We already have a series of Healthy Cooking books that provide a practical cooking programme for primary schools. Essential cooking skills, theory and health and safety points are introduced progressively throughout the series.

Each book contains 12 easy-to-follow, photocopiable recipes, presented in both a traditional recipe format and in a visual, step-by-step format, to suit pupils of differing reading abilities. All the recipes have been tried, tested and enjoyed by pupils in the author’s school.The flexible format of Healthy Cooking for Primary Schools means that it can be used by all primary school pupils, helping them to become lifelong healthy eaters.

Why not try out this Bread Pizza?  If this doesn’t tempt them to try healthy food options we will be very surprised!

While you are cooking with your class you could also complete our Healthy Food quiz. The answers will be posted on the 27th May, or, if you can’t wait that long, you can find them on our website.


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