Free Spanish teaching resource – La semana

Do your children need help with the pronunciation of Spanish words?

Why not start with the days of the week? You can listen (links to an mp3 sound file) and learn by downloading the teacher pages and worksheets!

This activity is taken from ¡Es Español! which is a flexible scheme that allows you to progress at your own pace. The book and CD provide everything you need to teach Spanish to primary pupils.

  • Over 60 photocopiable pupils sheets provide practice and reinforcement through simple fun exercises.
  • Clearly laid out lesson plans provide learning objectives based on QCA’s guidelines, lists of resources, activities, extension activities and key words.
  • The integral CD models vocabulary, phrases and sentences, and gives instructions that the pupils must listen to in order to complete some of the worksheets.
  • The course includes 7 traditional Spanish songs, with illustrated song sheets and recordings on the CD.

So, you can use ¡Es Español! to teach Spanish successfully, even if your own knowledge is rusty!


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