Free creative teaching resource – litter and composting

Isn’t it a shame that as the weather warms up the amount of litter you see just seems to grow and grow. If children were more aware of how litter can be recycled would they act more responsibly towards the environment?

Composting is a great way of disposing of some of the food waste created from pack lunches or school dinners. Using the compost to grow plants such as flowers and vegetables then introduces other aspects of the curriculum such as Living Things in science and healthy eating, for example.

Our That’s Rubbish project lists where integration of the project into the curriculum can occur. The lesson sequence saves a lot of planning time and, along with the selection of worksheets, makes sure the children will have enough information to tackle the final project – designing a compost bin and, more importantly, getting everyone to participate by recycling their food scraps.

The complete project is found in Technology Projects for 4–7 year olds. The book contains 8 complete technology projects that present opportunities for problem solving, ingenuity, co-operative work, and coming up with workable solutions.

There are over 60 photocopiable sheets, together with detailed teacher’s notes. The activity sheets will help pupils to:

  • gain background understanding
  • investigate different types of materials
  • talk about, try out and record their ideas
  • develop and practise a range of skills
  • design and make products using a range of tools and materials
  • evaluate and refine their products


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