Free language teaching resource – body parts vocabulary

Why not create ‘Wanted‘ posters to practise body parts vocabulary? (This activity works for any language, even English!)


Practise using vocabulary for parts of the body by designing a ‘wanted’ poster for an imaginary or, even more fun, a real person in the school. Display the posters, and don’t forget to add a suitable reward for the apprehension of this person!

You can involve the whole school by asking for guesses from everybody, including teachers.

Who could that be?

This activity is just one of more than 100 fun activities for developing oracy and literacy skills
to be found in 100+ Fun Ideas for Practising MFL in the Primary Classroom. The tried and tested activities in this book can be used with almost any language. Sue Cave, the author, has chosen these particular ideas due to the enthusiastic responses she has received from young learners and the positive impact the games and activities have had on the learning of another language.


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  1. Its the ability to get everyone involved in this learning programs that proves so beneficial.

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