Free creative teaching resource – people who help us

Younger children can be quite mystified by what people actually do. Do they know what their parents/carers do while they are at school?

One way to get them thinking about jobs is to ask who visits them at their home and why. Ask if the dentist might come to their house. Ask whether other people might, and under what circumstances (for example, meter readers, people to mend broken appliances, etc).

In Who’s that knocking at my door? children will be identifying objects and matching them to a person’s job. Show items that can be associated with a person’s job, for example: letter and parcel = postman; bucket and chamois leather or wiper = window cleaner; newspaper = newsagent or newspaper delivery person; stethoscope = doctor, etc., and ask the children to say what they are and who might use them.

● Talk about safety, and that they should not answer the door without their parents permission.

This activity is drawn from Knowledge and Understanding of the World, one of the 6 books in the Foundation Stage series.


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