Free creative teaching resource – making decisions in maths

Children need to learn how to solve mathematical problems rather than just working out the answers to sums.

This activity introduces the whole class to the idea of making decisions from deciding which mathematical operation has been employed to writing a statement to explain an equation.

There are then worksheets for the children to complete. The length of the problems are varied with short, medium and more extended problems for children to solve. The problems on each page are mixed so the children do not assume that the solution process is the same each time, but have to understand the problem. They are varied in their complexity and are presented in a meaningful, age-appropriate manner with topics the children will find relevant. There are three differentiated worksheets, making them easy to use in a mixed-ability classroom.

This lesson comes from Maths Problem Solving – Year 4.

The series of 6 Maths Problem Solving books covers the ‘solving problems’ objectives from the Numeracy Framework. The books contain photocopiable resources organized into chapters:

  • Making decisions
  • Reasoning about numbers or shapes
  • Problems involving real life, money or measures
  • Organizing and using data

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