Free creative teaching resource – Personal Rain Catcher

Was your sports day disrupted by rain? Get children to write and illustrate an advert that will persuade people to buy a ‘Personal Rain Catcher’. They will need to exaggerate any positive features they can think of for this invention.

Start off by reviewing different adverts from magazines or from the TV. Talk about what makes them successful. Then introduce the task.
Encourage the children to use the persuasive strategies listed on the sheet. Using them will make their advert more effective.
For example:

  •  Are you sick of paying ridiculous prices for bottles of mineral water? (Question)
  •  Save a fortune in water bills with a fabulous Personal Rain Catcher! (Exaggeration)
  •  Allowing yourself to get dehydrated is dangerous! Don’t get caught out next time it rains! (Warning)
  •  Order your Personal Rain Catcher today – start collecting free water tomorrow! (Instruction)n You’ll never go thirsty again with a Personal Rain Catcher! (Promise & Exaggeration)
  •  Try using a Personal Rain Catcher next time it rains – what will you use your water for? (Invitation & Question)
  •  ‘Rain water is scientifically proven to be better for you than tap water.’ Dr H. Two – Oxford University Professor (Expert Opinion).

This activity is drawn from Creative Homework Tasks for 9-11 Year Olds. All the tasks in the book are designed to appeal to all learning styles, with particular emphasis on kinaesthetic and visual learners.


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