Free creative teaching resource – Target one

Some children find calculators fascinating, others don’t. Try challenging them all with this calculator game and spark their imaginations.

You will need one die numbered 1-6.

Enter a number between 10 and 60 into your calculator. Throw the die. You are allowed to use the number you have thrown and the following keys only:  +   –   x   ÷   =

Your target is to get the calculator to display 1, or as near to 1 as you can get.

Record the steps you use (you may not use more than 10 steps).

Tip: You may use more than one operation key in each step, but be careful about the order in which you press the keys. If you get a negative number you may wish to start again.

This challenge, Target one, is drawn from How to be Brilliant at Using a Calculator, which contains 40 photocopiable worksheets designed to improve Key Stage 2 (KS2) pupils’ understanding of numbers, fractions, percentages, algebra and data handling.


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