Free creative teaching resource – thinking in pictures

Instead of thinking in words, think in pictures and then put the picture into words.

A poem lets somebody else read your thoughts. if your thoughts are dull and boring nobody will want to read them. you have to make them alive and ‘colourful’.

Choose one of the ideas here, get some pictures in your head, and off you go!

Shopping with dad.

breaking up for the holidays

Watching your team score the winning goal!

Birthday party

Swinging on a rope tied to a tree

Splashing in puddles

EXTRA: Instead of looking at the picture in your head, look at the picture your words make and draw or paint it. If your picture doesn’t match the one in your head, change the words!

The Thoughts in Words worksheet is drawn from How to be Brilliant at Writing Poetry, which contains 40 photocopiable, open-ended activities that focus on the process of writing – from initial idea gathering to redrafting and the final product. They recognize that a sense of audience and a purpose for writing are crucial.


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