Why are Grandparents important?

Finally proof of what we all intuitively know, that grandparents are important and have been for 30,000 years.

Well, we might not have realised they have been important for so long but it seems their role hasn’t changed much.

A number of recent studies have highlighted how helpful it was to have older people around during early human development. Grandparents are able to babysit, make tools, teach skills and most importantly pass on vital wisdom on human relationships.

So, lets hear it for all those grandparents who will be helping out with childcare this summer. Where would we be without them? Still in the stone age apparently.

You can read more about the research into how populations expanded as people started to live longer at http://www.telegraph.co.uk/earth/earthnews/8657600/Why-grandparent-are-the-key-to-human-success.html


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