Grandparents assembly: free primary teaching resource

Did you know that there is a Grandparents Day? It has been celebrated in the UK on the first Sunday in October since 2008. Different countries celebrate on different days.

My parents never wanted us to recognise these commercially exploited days, hand-made gifts and pictures from their grandchildren on birthdays, Christmas and other random times throughout the year was more than enough. Every gift was cherished and displayed.

Why not use this assembly about Grandma Pitchford’s birthday early in the new school year to show children that gifts given with love, whatever they are, mean so much. In the story Grandma Pitchford is about to celebrate a very big birthday and Dan has no idea what he might give to her on such a special occasion. He need not have worried as his choice turns out to be perfect.

Many children will have seen their grandparents during the summer holidays so they will find this story enjoyable.

The assembly is taken from More Brilliant Stories for Assemblies, which contains over 50 stories for use in primary schools. The stories range from those dealing with specific issues, such as bullying, racism and disability, to historical and religious stories. All the stories are linked to the Social and Emotional Aspects of Learning (SEAL) themes.


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