August’s free quiz is about Germany

This month’s quiz tests your general knowledge about Germany.

1.What is the capital city of Germany?

a) Munich      b) Berlin     c) London

2. Which of these is a famous type of German sausage?

a) Kielbasa  b) Bratwurst   c) Salami

3. Which of these German scientists founded the theory of relativity?

a) Albert Einstein   b) Hans Geiger   c) Max von Laue

4. How many states does Germany consist of?

a) 3           b) 10              c) 16

5. What is the ‘Luftwaffe ‘?

a) German air force    b) German military      c) German navy

6. Volkswagen is a German company, true or false?

7. Who was a very talented German composer?

a) Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart b) Ludwig van Beethoven c) Joseph Haydn

8. What is the national alcoholic beverage in Germany?

a) Beer   b) Wine   c) Whiskey

9. What did the Brother’s Grimm achieve?

a) Making a new cake   b) Popularizing European folk tales c) inventing the airplane

10. What is the ‘Berliner Dom’?

a) A German breed of cat   b) A famous German Cathedral     c) A German football team

The quiz can be found on our website homepage (click on the ‘free quiz’ button) and downloaded as a question sheet. Use it as a time filler, or as a starting point for a discussion on Germany and it’s culture. The answers are also on our website or you could wait until the end of the month when they will be posted on the blog.


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