Hammock or den?

Do children build dens any more?

I was perusing the ‘summer fun’ portion of my newspaper from a few weeks ago. I thought I’d read it when summer arrived but I have given up waiting. Anyway, it has directions for making an instant hammock. The main drawback I can see is needing two sturdy poles, trees, fence posts or something to string it between.

Basically, you take an old double duvet cover or large curtain and tie a knot at either end of your chosen hammock material. You then tie a rope to the support and also around the knot in your hammock. Everything has to be checked carefully for safety before anyone can relax and enjoy a rest.

Optimistically, there is a full two page spread of how to have a holiday at home based mainly around transforming your garden into a haven of fun and relaxation to play traditional games in. If it’s raining one of the suggestions is to put on a play or puppet show, another is to have a Masterchef competition. My own thought was to bring the hammock indoors and turn it into a wigwam or den!

However you decide to fill your summer, don’t forget to allow for some relaxation.


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