Have you checked your brake lights recently?

You may think this a strange question for this blog but it is a serious one.

Most days I travel about 25 miles in total in my car. Since May I have been noticing during my daily journeys at least one, but normally more, cars in front of me with one brake light not working. My son is learning to drive and with everything else he is concentrating on brake lights not lighting up on the car in front is just an added complication.

Someone drove into the back of me this week. Actually I should possibly say ‘rolled’ rather than ‘drove’. I was stationary at traffic lights and I could see the driver in my rear view mirror trying to light a cigarette and not braking hard enough. Fortunately there was no damage to either of us, or our cars, but I was shaking like a leaf when I got out to check. All my brake lights were working so it was just a lapse of concentration on their part!

So, when the rain stops (it is raining very heavily here as I am writing this) check those brake lights before you drive anywhere else.


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