A sense of self: free PSHE teaching resource

I recently went to a meal with my extended family. It was like musical chairs. Once we had all sat down to eat we realised someone had been left standing.

Our host later admitted they had forgotten to include themselves when counting how many diners there would be to book the tables.

Having an awareness of yourself and your position in society is very important. Children need to develop consciousness of their own personal attitudes and feelings so they can understand the relationship between themselves, the people they live with and their immediate community.

Try this exercise with younger children.

Who do we live with?

What children should learn
Knowledge and understanding of the world – to listen to others and talk about their own lives.
What you need
Magazine pictures of adults and children who could be mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, grandparents, aunts, uncles, babies.
Talk about the people who might live all together in one home, and get the children to discuss who lives at their home. (Don’t forget to get them to include themselves!) Explain, simply, the relationships between sisters, brothers, parents, grandparents and themselves. Show the children the magazine pictures and get them to make up a ‘family group’ with them. Stick the pictures to a sheet of paper and get the children to name the characters.

With the children, make up a story about a family. Decide who is in the family, where they live, and what their daily routines are. Let the children make up and cut out a ‘family’ of their own from a magazine.
Talk about
Discuss the fact that we all have different kinds of families. Try to use as many of the ‘relations’ words as you can. Keep your explanations simple.

This activity is drawn from All About Us: Activities for 3-5 Year Olds which contains enjoyable activities to help develop Foundation Stage children’s essential skills. All About Us looks at the child in his or her environment and explores the child’s world. The practical activities include ideas for helping children to describe themselves and others, to explore and express their feelings in a variety of ways and to develop sensitivity to others’ needs and feelings.


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