Where do you eat?

I heard an interesting discussion on the radio today and it made me stop and think …

The observation being talked about was that people now eat all the time – in the street, in their cars, everywhere in fact. When did we stop sitting down for our three meals a day and start constant ‘on the go’ snacking? Whatever happened to not eating between meals?

This led on to the comment that we have it backwards at the moment, we move about when we are eating and then sit still for the rest of the day which is when we really need to be moving and exercising.

The final point made was that we quite often eat when we are not even hungry just because we can. That really made me stop and think.

For a few weeks this summer, I couldn’t use my dining table but I finally got it back. It is such a pleasure to sit, eat, chat, relax and laugh at family meals. I certainly support the idea that sitting to eat together helps with family relationships. Not everyone has a table to eat around but even sitting in chairs eating a meal at the same time without the distraction of television, radio, computers, mobile phones or any other gadgets will promote conversation. What you find out about each other can be surprising.


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