Make yourself approachable – free PSHE teaching resource

When did you last put yourself in your pupils’ shoes?

Moving to a new class can be quite daunting for some children, even more so if it is in a new school as well. They have to get used to the school, classroom, each other AND you, their new teacher. Why not make yourself easier to approach?

All about me
✦ Make the children feel more comfortable/at ease with you by creating a poster about yourself.
✦ Use pictures and words.
✦ Talk about yourself, your family, friends and interests.
✦ Include points they can relate to, such as a photograph of you with your pet.
✦ The information will make you a more approachable figure.

This idea is drawn from 100+ Fun Ideas for Creating a Happier Classroom. The book is crammed with stimulating ideas for creating that perfect classroom atmosphere. As the intangible element in a teacher’s planning, classroom atmosphere it usually the most difficult. It involves putting yourself in the place of others, and recognizing what your classroom looks, feels and sounds like. This book will help you to consider the impression your room makes on the children.


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