September’s quiz is on France

Our latest interactive quiz has 10 questions about France.

Why not try it out? You can click on the quiz picture on our home page to get to the questions.

There are also pdf versions of the questions and answers available in our Free Resources section or you can look at them now.

1.What is the capital city of France?
a) Marseilles b) Calais c) Paris

2. What is the official language of France?
a) English b) French c) Spanish

3. Who is the President of France?
a) Jean-Jacques Rousseau b) Yann Nevue c) Nicolas Sarkozy

4. Which of these is a famous French footballer?
a) Zinadine Zidane b) David Beckham c) Samuel Eto’o

5. Which of these is the longest river in France?
a) The Seine b) The Nile c) The Loire

6. Which of these is an iconic French landmark?
a) Big Ben b) The Eiffel Tower c) The Taj Mahal

7. What is France famous for?
a) Wine b) Chocolate c) Cola

8. What is the translation for the French holiday, ‘La toussaint’?
a) Halloween b) Christmas c) All Saints Day

9. What is the modern currency of France?
a) Franc b) Euro c) Dollar

10. Which of these is a famous French delicacy?
a) Snakes b) Snails c) Ants


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