Alligator swamp: free PSHE teaching resource

Your band of wildlife experts delves deep into the Everglades searching for evidence of a new species of butterfly. This could be the greatest discovery of modern times!

You spot what you are looking for across the swamp. One problem – the swamp is crawling with alligators! Maybe the rope in your backpack and nearby logs can get you there …

Doesn’t a story or setting a scene help make an activity more fun? How will your intrepid explorers do?

Focus of task: Cooperation, balance
Number of players: 3 or more
Equipment: Quoits (one more than the total of children), 2 skipping ropes
Aim: For the group to cross the swamp safely.

1. Players are given the equipment and informed of the task.
2. They must decide as a group how to best use the equipment so that no one is fed to the alligators.
3. When the children have formed their plan, they should attempt to cross the swamp.

Hint: One way that the children can achieve this is by sending a lead member ahead to build a path of logs. The children can then each step upon these, with the last child sending the remaining log to the leader. The positioning of the logs could be controlled by tying them onto the rope.

Extension: The swamp is sinking fast! The task could be completed within a specified
time frame.

This information is presented on an activity page from 43 Team-building Activities for KS2 which provides clearly written lesson plans aimed at improving a range of social and physical skills, as well as stimulating children’s imaginations through a series of exciting problems and scenarios. Each lesson plan begins with a story. From the mountains of the Himalayas to the stormy seas of the Pacific, the children are placed in problematic situations in which they will need to work together to find a solution.

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